• Circa: 1921

    Color: Only black and white copy available

  • Circa: 1939

    Color: Blue - part of the company letterhead

  • Circa: 1940-41

    Color: Red and white; may have been used for shop samples

  • Circa: 1949-50 to 1957

    Dark background is red with silver print and light background is silver with red print

  • Circa: 1957 to 1971

    Color: Magenta and blue. The "worker" label

  • Circa: 1968 to 1982-85

    Color: Black & white. Used on handpainted items with other labels

  • Circa: 1982 to 1985

    Color: White & black, used on handpainted items, with other labels

  • Circa: 1990 to 1995

    Color: Silver and black This label was used on special order items such as QVC

  • Circa: 2000

    Color: Silver & black Used on all ware to denote our 95th Anniversary